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I am an artist based in Minneapolis MN, and have a passion to use the language of art to translate the true and the beautiful onto the tangible. Inspired by nature, classical artists and literature, and everyday life, I hope to create classical art that reflects timeless values. Several years ago I had the opportunity to illustrate the young adult novel, Aoife's Bible, by Blaine Turner.
With a multi-medium portfolio covering themes from pastoral to the familiar, I have also worked on several custom projects in ink, watercolor, and graphite. From studying the birds painted by John James Audubon, to treasuring the illustrations of Garth Williams, I was introduced to loving and creating art at a young age and have worked to establish a style that focuses on bringing out the beauties of everyday life.

Hello, I'm Olivia Rose; welcome to my website!

Feel free to contact me with any questions—I will be happy to answer them!

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